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January 30, 2006

After almost a month's delay, I brought the car in to have the 1->2 sloppy shift issue resolved. My mechanic adjusted the band and replaced the solenoid as requested by the tech line, but to no avail. I received a call around 3PM to let me know that BMW had approved replacement of the transmission free of charge. The appointment for that work is set for mid-February and is expected to take two days. There was no charge for today's work, and I got a free wash out of the deal as well.

While at the dealer, I asked the parts department to research some parts prices for the upcoming interior overhaul. Here are the results (note: these are retail prices, and I will receive a discount):

Obviously, this won't be an inexpensive endeavor, but as long as I don't sell the car or lose it in an accident, I can't lose. I figure that when combined with the new transmission, recent suspension and steering components, tires, and (soon) a new set of brakes, it's safe to say that the car will look and function like a new vehicle for considerably less cost. Due to the characteristics of the leather and carpet, I'm bound to restore some of that nice new car smell as well. How can you beat that?

Mileage: 124087.