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Monday, May 27, 2024

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Doug Vetter, ATP/CFI

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For all communications regarding the topics and services available from this website, contact me at:

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Before Writing

I always enjoy hearing from readers, particularly if you're writing just to say "hello" or "thanks". If you want something from me that takes significant time and thought, however, please read the following BEFORE WRITING:

  1. Due to time constraints I reserve the right to limit responses to those who have made at least a $20 donation to my site support fund within the last six months.

  2. I will not respond to requests involving a condition for a donation. If your email contains the phrase "If you help me, I'll donate X" or an equivalent motivation I will decline your less than clever attempt to circumvent note #1.

  3. I do not respond to requests related to articles in the archive section of this site.

  4. I consider all communications with you personal and private. Don't post my comments anywhere (forums, etc.) without my written consent.

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