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Monday, May 27, 2024

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Doug Vetter, ATP/CFI

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Doug's Aviation Travelogues

(Image: Coast of Rhode Island)
Coastline of Rhode Island, Summer 2003

What's an airplane good for if not to travel? Here is an assorted collection of articles describing some of my more memorable trips. And of course, pictures are included!

Mixed Icing Experience An experience with moderate mixed icing reaffirms an earlier observation that mixed icing means business.
Sunrise in Florida, Sunset in New Jersey My sister called from Jacksonville, Florida one day to let me know she was getting married in early May. I told her I'd be there with bells on. If you think this sounds like a recipe for an aviation adventure, you're right! Read on!
IMC to HYA: An Exercise In Crew Coordination During a June 2003 trip to Hyannis, Massachusetts, I realized that all my work in preventative maintenance, crew coordination, as well as a commitment to fly professionally was making flying pretty boring...and I was having more fun than I thought possible!
Icing Encounter In March of 2003, a friend and I attempted a short flight to Danbury and experienced both clear icing and a Directional Gyro malfunction. As with every flight, there are lessons to be learned.
Vineyard Bound As the summer of 2002 came to a close, I managed to find time to visit the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard for the first time in 15 years of flying. I'm still wondering why I waited so long.
Ferry Flight, The Sequel In mid June 2002, I once again found myself with the task of ferrying a friend's airplane back from Florida. This time, however, presented the challenges of flying during thunderstorm season and Florida's wettest June on record. Here's the story of that adventure.
Ferry Flight A recent fortune cookie received in an order of chinese food said "You are bound for the land of Sunshine". Little did I know how accurate that fortune would be, as in November of 2001 I had the opportunity to ferry a friend's 172 from its base in New Jersey to his vacation home in Florida, and return with his 150. Here's my travelogue of my longest cross-country and three-day adventure.