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Monday, July 22, 2024

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Doug Vetter, ATP/CFI

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Website Information

Browser Requirements

You should use a modern, standards-compliant browser to view this site. The site aims to be HTML5 compliant so your best viewing experience will be with a browser that supports this standard.

I regularly use browsers based on the Gecko rendering engine including Firefox. I also test command line browsers such as lynx to promote accessibility.

Document Helpers

Documents ending in .pdf should be viewed with Acrobat Reader. It's free, so why not get it?

Documents ending in .ods or .odt should be viewed with the Calc or Writer component of the OpenOffice or LibreOffice suites.

Documents ending in .doc should be viewed with the Word component of Microsoft Office.

Hyperlink Format

Links to resources on this site

Hyperlinks embedded in content on this site are shown in dark blue, boldface text.

Links to external resources

Hyperlinks to other sites appear as all other links do, except that the text background is changed to yellow if the mouse is hovered over the link text. This serves as a reminder that the link will send you to a resource that is not on this site or managed / trusted by its author.

No pop up windows

This site does not open any links in a new window. This is good because it allows you, the reader, to choose when or if a new window is launched. It also preserves use of the "back" button.

If you want to open a link in a new window, use your browser to do exactly that. In Firefox, right click on the link and select "Open Link in New Window".

Links associated with images

Some images on this site are presented in thumbnail form. If a higher resolution version of the image is available or the image is used in the navigational process the border of the image will be tinted a subtle blue to help distinguish them from other images.

Font Support

The site looks best when rendered with a scalable sans serif font such as Helvetica or Verdana.

I do not impose a font size on your browser. I merely suggest a relative size (80%, 100%, etc.) and your browser should equate 100% to its default size (16 pt in most browsers).

If the fonts on this site are of a size not to your liking, simply edit your browser's preferences to select a better font size. If you're using Firefox, you can use CTRL+ (hold the CTRL key and press the "+" key) to increase, and CTRL- (hold the CTRL key and press the "-" key) to decrease font size on the fly.

Development Tools

Content is developed in a VirtualBox VM running a recent version of Debian Linux. I edit textual content in Atom and images in GIMP. All content is managed by and published using git. For details on that process check out my website codebase management article.