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Monday, May 27, 2024

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June 2000

It's been an even LONGER time, but here's an update. Mileage has just crept over 46K and the car still runs great. I occasionally notice the slightest bit of wheel "hop" in the front when I take turns on bumpy roads very aggressively, but I can't honestly say it wasn't there since day one or that it's not normal for a bumpy surface (hey, ever watch race cars bounce around off the shoulders of turns?) Of course, it wouldn't surprise me that the shocks are breaking in. They're supposed to last 90K+ on average, but since they're more than half through their expected lifespan, I guess this shouldn't surprise me.

On the whole, the car remains rock solid and it's in this case that the car continues to blow me away. No other car I've driven has EVER felt as tight and refined as this after 46K miles. The engine/tranny is still very smooth and there's been no noticeable loss in power throughout the band.

The car went through Inspection II at roughly 40K miles and cost $600 (yea, I know, OUCH!). The only surprise was a failed switch used for the passenger's heated seat. Apparently, one pole of the switch had failed and this prevented one of the heating elements in the seat from functioning. Since I NEVER sit in the passenger seat, I didn't notice. Good things for third-party inspections, I guess.

At some point just before the Inspection II, I managed to bend the right rear rim. I can remember that I hit a pothole one of those where you shout some token obsenity, but otherwise don't think to stop and look for a trail of parts). Problem is I can't remember where the pothole was so I can't think to avoid it. Hopefully they've fixed it by now...wherever it is. :-)

It looks as though the brakes and tires will make it to 60K or slightly beyond, so that's 30K on a set of tires and 60+K on the brakes. Not bad -- particularly given the way I drive and the common practice to replace brakes on Honda and GM-type automobiles at 30K.