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Thursday, February 29, 2024

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October 16, 2004

Deer Hit!

Well, it was bound to happen. A deer ran at full speed into the driver's side of the car while I was about 1000 feet from the end of my driveway. I was going around 40 MPH when it happened, and I thought the entire left side of the vehicle was trashed. Surprisingly, there was little damage, but I've still spent way too much time in the last two weeks investigating my options and dealing with both body shops and my insurance company.

The car will be going into the body shop for an extensive repaint on Monday. My insurance company is picking up the vast majority of the cost (thankfully), but I'll be driving a domestic POS for the next week or so. Details to follow when I get some extra time.

Moral of the story? Keep those high beams on while driving on darkly-lit country roads, and drive defensively! You never know what might jump out of the brush.