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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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May 20, 2006

I recently began to research detailing techniques I could use not only to restore the the paint of the E36 but preserve the E46's factory finish as well.

If you ask the pros, detailing occurs in several stages:

Always the skeptic, I thought these multi-stage processes were created by the detailing products companies so they could get rich off of people with more money than brains, but I'm here to tell you that multi-stage detailing works -- extremely well, in fact. I won't go into detail here (that will be covered in an update to my Car Care Tips article), but let me say that I'm sold on the concept, and here's why:

(Image: E36 after Menzerna Detail)

After an investment of about 4 hours I stepped back to look at my handy work and couldn't believe I was looking at the same car. The picture doesn't do the finish justice, but trust me -- it looks great. The polish alone gave the paint a wet-look shine, and the results only got better when I applied the sealant coat (synthetic wax).