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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Friday, March 16, 2012

More Front End Overhaul Parts Arrive

Last week when I ordered the parts for the ignition lock I assumed that it would be at least a couple weeks for the lock to be coded but everything showed up in only a couple days. The parts guy confirmed that the lock was coded here in the states so that explains the quick turnaround.

The mounts are pretty much what I expected which is to say that the rubber is in a lot better shape than the existing mounts. Based on my experience with similar mounts used in aircraft I expect the new mounts to ever so slightly improve the vibration characteristics of the engine. They are not cheap ($80 each) but they will be one less thing I'll need to replace come engine overhaul time.

The lock cylinder, lock body, and ignition switch are being replaced simply because they have been actuated countless times and are subject to a very annoying failure mode. The labor required to replace them is shared with replacement of the squeaky lower steering column bearing so it makes sense to swap the parts now rather than when the key decides it wants to turn 360 degrees and not start the engine -- or worse, not shut it down. The parts weren't exactly cheap, but like most preventative maintenance their purchase requires a long term view.

And just so I don't get a bunch of mail about the subject -- tritium keychains are available onilne, but be aware they are not entirely legal to import into the US. Also note that I have measured the radiation emitted from this unit and it's about four times background...pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but stuff that in your pocket at your own risk. On the upside, the half-life of tritium is 12 years so the keychain will produce usable light for 20 years or more. I've had this for more than ten years now and it still glows nicely.

Mileage: 219555, Parts: $476, Parts Saved: $110