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Friday, December 19, 2014

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Doug Vetter, ATP/CFI

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Doug's BMW 330ci
Maintenance Summary

BMW E46 M54 Engine

This section contains a continually-updated account of the scheduled
and unscheduled maintenance performed on my 2006 330ci ZHP.

2014 Maintenance Reports

November 16: Oil Service
July 20: First DIY Brake Fluid Flush
17: Jacking up the E46
04: Low Viscosity Brake Fluid Research

2013 Maintenance Reports

December Parasitic load troubleshooting
November Another failed battery; Transition to Battery Minder
September Routine low utilization oil service

2012 Maintenance Reports

August Oil service and first service indicator reset
May State Inspection; Curbed front right wheel

2011 Maintenance Reports

July Another DIY oil service

2010 Maintenance Reports

October Battery Failure
April Free oil service and brake fluid flush; Warranty period ends

2009 Maintenance Reports

April Free Oil Service; Exhaust Cam (Vanos) Fault

2008 Maintenance Reports

March Free Oil Service; Brake Fluid Flush

2007 Maintenance Reports

May First DIY oil service
January Belated Year End Review; Started using a smart charger

2006 Maintenance Reports

July Exited the break-in period; received official notice
June First oil service
May Chip off the ol' windshield; Curbed a rim
April Delivery
Feburary Placed the order!