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Friday, September 22, 2023

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Milestone: 200000 Miles

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I remember when I was young (you know, back in the Lower Paleolithic period) car odometers only had five digits because they were not expected to last that long. And if you did manage to "roll" the odometer back to 00000 it was seldom something to celebrate because by that time the car was likely rotted out and and ready for the scrap pile.

Today, odometers have six digits, cars are fully expected to last a lot longer than 100K miles and, at least in the eyes of this BMW owner, "rolling" the odometer is an eagerly awaited milestone: even a rite of passage.

I can't quite believe I've owned this car for nearly thirteen years, but as I have long said, a good car is as rare as a good woman, and when you find one, you keep her. And so I shall. Here's to 200K and looking forward to 300K.

Keep 'em running folks!

Mileage: 200000